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Update and repatriation fears

Talk for repats about repatration shock, leaving the UK, etc.

Postby Liddy » Fri Aug 25, 2006 12:44 am

Holly, excellent post!!!

We are trying very hard to keep ourselves grounded and keep some of our 'English life' habits in place. We even try to (shock!) walk to shops, despite the funny looks, and have already decided that when we buy a home it will be within walking or cycling of local shops. I love that organic is everywhere, as are farmers markets, and that recycling is so easy (our London borough didn't have it). Yes, fresh veg and herbs are more expensive, but paper goods are dirt cheap (24 bog rolls for $10!) and I love stocking up on giant sizes of that stuff (less packaging and it's always on hand).

So far we're taking the minor annoyances with a pinch of salt. The biggest shock for us so far is the amount of time people spend talking on cellphones, both in cars and in public, but we try to ignore it and we've made it our personal mission to train our mates to do 'more texting and less calling'.

Anytime I have an 'I miss England' moment I think about our time there with a smile, but that's the memories. I think of the reality of commuter trains, rain, and over-crowding and it reminds me what I do not miss. I then focus on the positives of our new life: affordable housing, family (I see my new niece every day!), increased savings from lower cost of living, and those excellent tax deductions we'll have once we buy a house. We aren't big TV watchers, but we catch BBC news and I am getting into the same type of shows we watched in the US: all those home/person makeover things.

Strawberry--just saw your comment. Yep, we are in C-town and so far it's great. Saturday we went to a pub with some friends (they even had Scotch eggs) and it's fab! Monday we had lunch at an English pub, and DH and I were at an Irish pub last Sunday at 830 a.m to catch his EPL team live on telly (on the satellite channel)! It was great! It was odd to be at a pub that early (sipping coffee) but so great to see the game and enjoy it with the 10 others who were there. We didn't plan on going to all pubs so quickly, but it was fun and the locals love this pub trend (and we steer them away from the tacky pubs). We are happy to incorporate this little bits of our English routine into our lives here. We have the fox soccer channel so that DH can occasionally watch Sky Sports News to keep up on EPL goss. Sunday he had on the cricket via radio on the PC, and it was the same background noise he's used to having while he does Sunday chores!
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