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Tier 2 refusal; Appeal advice sought

For British Citizens & their family members on applying for visas to the UK.

Tier 2 refusal; Appeal advice sought

Postby Frances » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:01 pm

It's been ages since I've posted, but here goes:

Just finished my UK Master's Degree on a Tier 4 visa.

Got a job, they sponsored me, and I filed for a transfer to a Tier 2 visa which, because I'm transferring from a Tier 4, didn't require the resident market test.

I understood that the minimum salary was £20K because I'm a student transferring.

HOWEVER, I was refused because of a £4K salary shortfall (salary is £25K, they say I should be at nearly £29K).

I have the right to APPEAL and will start working on that appeal now. (Sent notes to all friends looking for legal advice.)

On the note they sent regarding the appeal, they said I should give ANY reasons why I think I should be allowed to stay in the country. I take that to mean ANY reason, not just the job / salary issue.

So, other bits of information:
--I was married to a UK citizen but am now widowed. We were in the states, but making initial preparations for a return when he died. We were married for less than 4 years.

--I have lived in the UK previously (2001-02 as a student; 2003-04 on a BUNAC visa; most recently been here since Aug 2011 on a Tier 4 Student)

--Tier 4 expired in Jan 2013, but because I'm in the middle of an application, I am still legal - until appeal has been decided.

So ... as for reasons for an appeal, can I pull the heart strings and have my late-husband's family write letters of support claiming 'family life'? It does, after all, say that I should explain WHY I want to stay here.


Thank you for any advice you may have!
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